Inside Pre-Season: Liverpool's double header in Austria | Wacker Innsbruck & VfB Stuttgart
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Take a closer look at Liverpool's opening games of pre-season, with a special 'Inside' including both mini-games of the Reds' opening friendlies in Salzburg.

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  • men daki
    men daki

    Karius my love😂

  • Kamran

    Divock looks lean

  • Patrick Harris
    Patrick Harris

    Us that karius in goal🤤🤤??

  • Сомалиец Иванов
    Сомалиец Иванов

    Bulgaria =mafia

  • Endras Lucky
    Endras Lucky

    what did you guys do 2016 on Wijnaldum why now Boss Jurgen Klopp,Peter Krawietz,Vitor Matos, Pepijn Lijnders,Michael Edwards,William Spearman,Greg Mathieson,James French,Mark Leyland,Harrison Kingston You didn't see and buy #29(FULHAM) ANDRE ZAMBO ANGUISSA

  • A


  • danang aji
    danang aji

    Kloop is realy family man....he never sold his signed player altough the player on worst condition... 😎👍👍Cool..we are family...forever in Liverpool...

  • ぴくみん


  • Captain Blaubär
    Captain Blaubär

    Typical Karius howler! ,-)

  • Captain Blaubär
    Captain Blaubär

    I wonder why Ben Woodburn hasn't played! :-(

  • Craig Hewitt
    Craig Hewitt

    Ahhh, the negativity starts, bet you were all the same at the start of 2019/20 season, you know, when we walked the league! UP THE FUCKING REDS!!!

  • Mr. Abdu
    Mr. Abdu

    So no good players will join soon?! 😔

  • ArgonHouse Films
    ArgonHouse Films

    Loris karius still around??

  • Houssem70

    karius is back?

  • Maya

    Van dijk waving at the camera is so wholesome

  • Matthew So
    Matthew So

    New home kit is looking great.

  • suryana sumbu
    suryana sumbu

    And karius is back🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Benjamin read
    Benjamin read

    Not surprised Gomez didn’t see the camera. The guy is a liability. Joel and Virgil first choice defender. Nats as backup

  • Payne Emelda
    Payne Emelda

    I can see the never ageing James Milner.

  • Tomato GoD
    Tomato GoD

    karius serprise xd

  • Truth Channel
    Truth Channel

    Where was Gomez...?

  • oi oi
    oi oi

    Muhammad Salah is a very very good luck

  • oi oi
    oi oi

    Good joub⚽️⚽️⚽️ Liverpool best of luck

  • deathtrack15

    Karius looking for people to blame lmao

  • Rishi Negi
    Rishi Negi

    When is new inside trainig uploding?

  • Rennê Menezes
    Rennê Menezes

    Sei que se trata apenas de um amistoso, porém o Liverpool precisa de contratações pontuais !

  • Aidan Vitticore
    Aidan Vitticore

    What a beautiful area omg

  • ꧁꧂

    i did not know karius was still at liverpool lmfao

  • MakeYouLaugh

    Where is our king mo salah

  • Adri4138

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Zama Mbambo
    Zama Mbambo

    Mzansi...did you hear Jerusalema by master kg???

  • neodub

    I seen jamés milnerinho

  • DJ Meelo
    DJ Meelo

    I'm from South Africa and its cool to hear them playing a MasterKG song 🇿🇦

  • Tristan Adonis
    Tristan Adonis

    Listening to jalusalema with liverpool, wow, watching from South africa🙌

  • alisha chavda
    alisha chavda

    5:03 best moment. how can you not love VVD😩🥺

  • dv

    good to see all these injured players get back specially vvd. pl will be fun this season. utd fan.

  • Endras Lucky
    Endras Lucky

    don't be sad, wijnaldum..?? long before this without money you could develop what not many people think you are a star maker. don't buy stars?? that's something to think about

  • Najmi Jimmy Zack
    Najmi Jimmy Zack

    Isn't that Lazar Markovic? No 37 Green shirt??

  • Carla Adriana
    Carla Adriana


  • Abdoulaye Lah
    Abdoulaye Lah

    This season,salah and mané will go to africa nation cup

  • เก่งกี้ Zuza
    เก่งกี้ Zuza


  • Tangeni Iiputa
    Tangeni Iiputa

    Don't sell Firmino. Buy Coutinho.

  • plociii

    Where is Musiałowski?

  • Toto & yoyo Chost
    Toto & yoyo Chost

    You’ ‘ll never Walke alone❤️

  • Eijaz Ahmad
    Eijaz Ahmad

    Mo Salah

  • maeve

    come on reds

  • Azmi Liverpool
    Azmi Liverpool


  • Azmi Liverpool
    Azmi Liverpool

    I'm small youtuber who loves football

  • Azmi Liverpool
    Azmi Liverpool

    I really need your support guys🙏🙏🙏

  • itsRAMPAGE

    Was that Karius I saw there

  • Yandi Damara
    Yandi Damara


  • Ryan Tumisang
    Ryan Tumisang

    They should play Ox more this season...with his long range shots i see him with 10+ goals

    • Ben Anderson
      Ben Anderson

      I think Ox is the natural step up into Gini's position. We're already somewhat overloaded at mid and if we don't pick up another CM, we're still in great shape.

  • 18ʀ REMEMBER
    18ʀ REMEMBER

    I like Karius 😊

  • Aliza Dwiky
    Aliza Dwiky

    Did anyone notice when Ben wanted to enter the pitch and Klopp hugged him, Nat smiled a little as if he was happy that Ben finally made his debut.


    I hope someone has 93 Rated

  • Abdiqani Mohamud
    Abdiqani Mohamud

    Hope u have another shocker of a season finish like 7th.

    • Stackz


    • Abhra Talukder
      Abhra Talukder

      @ Abdiqani Mohamud KDB a lifelong liverpool fan

  • T.rammie


  • SEBIHOGO Theoneste
    SEBIHOGO Theoneste

    I love Mohamed Salay is my favorite player better than Messi,cr7,Neymar jr. I love you Liverpool

  • B0T CegliX
    B0T CegliX

    Where's Musialowski?

  • Quest Hands
    Quest Hands

    Wow! Our cheerful goalie, Adrian!

  • Jason

    Liverpool is not doing enough , don't expect Liverpool to challenge for any trophy, hope they don't repeat last season performance

    • Moez Eldin Bahgat
      Moez Eldin Bahgat

      Let me guess man u fan

  • Anele Mgcini Mdolomba
    Anele Mgcini Mdolomba

    Nice to hear Master KG is part of LFC's player's playlist.... Wanitwa moss!

  • Nrd ibnu Hufane1
    Nrd ibnu Hufane1

    VVd 👑👋👋

  • Mr. blue
    Mr. blue

    So Wacker Innsbruck was a hard opponent i guess

  • Mohamed Abdelkader
    Mohamed Abdelkader

    Hope klopp gives Harvey .Ox.Minamino.Keita.Shaqiri .Tsimikas.Ben Davies .thier run this season but i wanna ask this are we good enough to win something or we gonna chse top four ?

    • Moez Eldin Bahgat
      Moez Eldin Bahgat

      If we got 3rd with all the injuries we can get first or second bc man city don't have a striker

  • พี่ชาย แสนดี
    พี่ชาย แสนดี


  • Shaun Silva
    Shaun Silva

    Great initiative to play 2 30 minute games to test both our first team and our reserves. More of this next season.

  • Rahim Hassan
    Rahim Hassan

    Liverpool don't firmino goo please

  • セルジオ越後


  • chassycy


  • Galvin Klein
    Galvin Klein

    Competition training, well said Aidy!

  • J Ofon
    J Ofon

    Cant help but remember that “Divock is always late” interview😂

  • Jamal A. J.
    Jamal A. J.

    who is that no 10 for stuttgart? klopp seem to be very keen on him.

  • Devam Doshi
    Devam Doshi

    Against stuffgart we played with high intensity 🔥

  • อำนาจ ภัทรพลกุล
    อำนาจ ภัทรพลกุล

    I love liverpool

  • Badri

    The OX is built perfectly to become a top center forward.

  • Patrik Soderberg
    Patrik Soderberg

    Where are all the new acquisitions? With this squad, Liverpool never wins the league. A middle team. Sell ​​the club to someone who has money and wants to bet on real players, not a dozen players, you do not win a league.

  • ih8mcfly

    I can’t believe LFC took the Chinese guy back

  • Bang bank. • 1เดือนที่ผ่านมา
    Bang bank. • 1เดือนที่ผ่านมา

    Where did Firmino go?

  • Abednego Hamonangan Simatupang
    Abednego Hamonangan Simatupang

    we need another creative AMF please

  • Николай Бережецкий
    Николай Бережецкий

    I hope this season will be more lucky.... But to be more powerful we need to buy Renato Sanches

  • drhossawy

    How did Karius hit that ball on Benzema?! We will never know

    • SurferWilly

      He bet against us, maybe. All goals conceded was too bad to be true. He didn't even stretch his arms during the Bale goal

  • 7th Knight
    7th Knight

    4:03 POV = Matip with his kids lol, the height difference is mad XD

  • Francisco Robles
    Francisco Robles

    1:18 loris karius 💪💪❤❤

  • Komang Raka
    Komang Raka

    Alisson, Kelleher, Karius, Adrian.. we're ready to compete in 4 competitions

  • Tevin Aduma
    Tevin Aduma

    Skip to 2:27 if you need to.

  • Amir Wshah
    Amir Wshah

    1:16 did Karius just catch a ball? Joke guys

  • Faaz Arshad
    Faaz Arshad

    Glad to see Minamino in the squad again.

  • FD Project
    FD Project

    KARIUS hahahahahaahahha

  • DCP

    No point of risking injuries just have fun for now boys YNWA!!!

  • mohamed kamal
    mohamed kamal

    8:28 ohh very good

  • BioGenie


  • amazing Street
    amazing Street

    I miss you lfc 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🔴

  • Plus62

    Happy Ied Mubarrak Moh Salah... 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Андрій 22
    Андрій 22

    Кариус и на предсезонке днина...

  • I am D Doank
    I am D Doank

    8:10 Super pass by Milly & Tsimikas. Good goal by Mane, as always.

  • HT


  • MichTheRed !
    MichTheRed !

    Virgil always know were the camera is, he’s too funny 🤣

  • I am D Doank
    I am D Doank

    4:10 Typical Karius.

  • anesthetize

    2:30 the face of Ben Davies say something .. :/