The new Nike Liverpool FC 2021/22 Away Kit has arrived!

  • saim saka
    saim saka

    liverpool is a legend liverpool is the meaning of football

  • Mikey B
    Mikey B

    As much as I love this kit, this video does a poor job in showing off the kit's beauty. Once again they've messed things up; they've managed to make it look far worse than in reality. These Nike kit launch videos have all been terrible.

  • R 8
    R 8

    It’s not the kit that matters, money goes to owners.. it’s the efforts from staff & players that makes the respect for the team and it seems that the reds are a team without a soul now

  • Endras Lucky
    Endras Lucky

    what did you guys do 2016 on Wijnaldum why now Boss Jurgen Klopp,Peter Krawietz,Vitor Matos, Pepijn Lijnders,Michael Edwards,William Spearman,Greg Mathieson,James French,Mark Leyland,Harrison Kingston You didn't see and buy #29(FULHAM) ANDRE ZAMBO ANGUISSA

  • Drew Branch
    Drew Branch

    Yeah,this one is sauce,here is my order please!

  • Murbayu Ardhana
    Murbayu Ardhana


  • Prajjwal khati
    Prajjwal khati

    This is the cleanest away jersey in a long time man... sesssssh straight drip

  • viiont eooiy
    viiont eooiy

    Finally a Liverpool away kit thats nice

  • Luke Gafa
    Luke Gafa

    Woow lovely 🥰😍

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      even the reveal footage is great. cant wait to buy that!

  • Максим Волков
    Максим Волков


    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue


  • Dreelix

  • Dutch Sun
    Dutch Sun

    0:15 who!!!!!!

  • Kanaphot Nontapa
    Kanaphot Nontapa


  • Bohlim Creation
    Bohlim Creation

    Can't wait to get it one

  • Joe

    Glad to see the full collar back.

  • e a
    e a

    Roma cabang enggres

  • bassam bashir
    bassam bashir

    our best nike shirt so far but...... a POLO SHIRT ??!?!

  • wax on wax off
    wax on wax off

    i'm stoned

  • Private_ ricchy
    Private_ ricchy

    That's cool

  • LostPickle

    bobby with the drip

  • Multiyapples


  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    even the reveal footage is great. cant wait to buy that!

  • Edward Rogers
    Edward Rogers

    Come on lads! Let's be champions of Europe again and for the Premier league come on can't wait

  • Fendi Prabowo
    Fendi Prabowo


  • Koran Digital
    Koran Digital

    I, as a big fan of Liverpool FC, recommend that the club bring in new players who can replace WIJNALDUM, namely CALVIN PHILLIPS.

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      The new kit is looking 🔥🔥🔥

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    The away kit is lit🤤🔥

  • M Fathurrohman
    M Fathurrohman

    love it

  • dan schriver
    dan schriver


  • Rayyan Zakir
    Rayyan Zakir

    Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Shakil Chowdhury
    Shakil Chowdhury

    Pagla.badly need this kit🤩

  • Youssef tarek12
    Youssef tarek12

    لو عايز تهكر أى شبكة واى فاى قريبة منك وتفتح منها نت - جرب الطريقة دى وهتدعيلى - افتح جوجل واكتب فى البحث 70mbc هتدخل اول موقع تحط اسم الشبكة هيظهرلك الباسورد

  • unreliable dog dad
    unreliable dog dad

    i love it, unfortunately that’s not the same fabric that arrived after i preordered it :/

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    even the reveal footage is great. cant wait to buy that!

  • Umr Samuels
    Umr Samuels

    This Away Kit is it Blood!

  • Steven Blackman
    Steven Blackman

    Nike kind of dropped the ball with this one, in my opinion

  • Dahir Osman
    Dahir Osman

    Can't lie even as a chelsea this is a sick kit

  • Leen Haleema
    Leen Haleema

    Best kit 💯🔥💥


    Still waiting for salah to sign new contract

  • PoH 871
    PoH 871

    Si fueran Adidas fueran campeones de premier

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    The new kit is looking 🔥🔥🔥

  • มานพ สุดใจ
    มานพ สุดใจ

    อยากได้มากๆครับสวยจริงๆแต่เงินไม่มีคงอดแน่ๆเลยครับจากแฟนลิเวอร์พูลจนๆคนหนึ่งที่ thailand ครับ

  • Liu Saza
    Liu Saza


  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma

    Won't change the fact it went Rome🤣🤣

  • dylan murphy
    dylan murphy

    That jacket looks nice too

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      Pretty awesome kits!

  • Goat's Activities
    Goat's Activities


  • Work With Safiq
    Work With Safiq

    Your store bitly link isn’t working. You are loosing tons of ORDER

  • Zaviyal Alam
    Zaviyal Alam


  • T. I Jimomi
    T. I Jimomi

    The best away jersey ever made with a collar like gucci love it

  • Tareq Mulla
    Tareq Mulla

    Where is mooooooo

  • Zevrog

    bangers from salah and mane incoming with these kits on

  • Kevin De Lukaku
    Kevin De Lukaku

    Reminds of the one in 2014

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    Now this is a kit I’ve been waiting for, it’s clean af🔥

  • fajar maulana
    fajar maulana


  • Bobby Firmino
    Bobby Firmino

    Love it😍😍😍

  • Anjar Nanda
    Anjar Nanda

    Can you send one for me?

  • Yxng Goblin
    Yxng Goblin

    Can we plz get our NB kit back

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      Why this is free and the first training is paid!!! DISGUSTING!!!! There is a limit for business and money!! This club is all about the fans!!

  • Declan McCartney
    Declan McCartney

    I loved the old black and gold kit that Torres used to wear

  • ij biag
    ij biag

    Pretty awesome kits!

  • Jaheim Williams
    Jaheim Williams

    That away kit make me start thinking about that 2013 Liverpool away kit

  • gurunmen77

    must buy this away kit

  • Whgu ybnm
    Whgu ybnm

    even the reveal footage is great. cant wait to buy that!

  • yala match
    yala match

    i love this clup what a kit !!!!!!!!!!

  • Sonic Cruz
    Sonic Cruz


  • Abdulrahman Aabed
    Abdulrahman Aabed

    Hey hey how mo is not in this video

  • Oscar Chigwahu
    Oscar Chigwahu

    Mo salah pls

  • ラジン  シャキブ
    ラジン シャキブ

    I love it!!!

  • Compostion Notebook
    Compostion Notebook

    Yoooo that blazer is so dope !!

  • Anderson Wang
    Anderson Wang

    Gareth bale: stop right there. I’m in.

  • juicyi3ig

    Nicer than the Home kit... just 1 opinion

  • Shaheer Sooka
    Shaheer Sooka

    Why this is free and the first training is paid!!! DISGUSTING!!!! There is a limit for business and money!! This club is all about the fans!!

  • Perwira Arya 01
    Perwira Arya 01

    buy camavinga, the player has great potential, and he is still very young

  • Comedy Gaming
    Comedy Gaming

    I like this more than home kits



  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy

    Just, beautiful 😍 I can’t take my eyes off this beauty 😍😍

  • DaRuMa Th
    DaRuMa Th


  • Tey 7x
    Tey 7x

    Renato Sanchez will look good in this kit!! 🙃 21/22 make it happen!!!!!

  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi

    even the reveal footage is great. cant wait to buy that!

  • James Robertson
    James Robertson

    The kit looks clm ngl but the 3rd kit looks absolutely fucked

  • runnervxr210

    There both terrible

  • iar m
    iar m

    New Balance was much better

  • Josh~


    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi

      Looks like Roma away kit from season 2020-21 :/

  • David Rowan
    David Rowan

    Don't like the coller, other than that, nice top, reminds me of the late 90s cream carlzberg top.

  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones

    COME BACK NB! This stuff is atrocious!

  • GotGame 40
    GotGame 40

  • Rando Muliku
    Rando Muliku


  • mijuo roui
    mijuo roui

    even the reveal footage is great. cant wait to buy that!

  • Renan Santos
    Renan Santos

    A Nike colocou todos seus profissionais para trabalhar no uniforme do Liverpool porque os outros estão horrorosos

  • The Jammy Dodger Gaming
    The Jammy Dodger Gaming

    Ditch Nike ffs, Warrior and NB were better

  • Learn-2-Earn

    Firmino 👍

  • D Sai Shivam
    D Sai Shivam

    Liverpolo FC

  • Fauzan Syarif Nursyafi
    Fauzan Syarif Nursyafi

    0:05 sponsored by some magic in Doctor Strange

  • Bolia Fops
    Bolia Fops

    just take my MONEY already.

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj

      Bale be like - now I can join Liverpool for golf course with new always kit😂

  • João Horta
    João Horta

    Now I think that we all want Renato Sanches and, personaly, I want Silas Mvumpa, Barella and Otávio, even though Otávio plays in my city’ club and vê did a good season

    • João Horta
      João Horta

      Vê is wrong auto correct is bad I meant he

  • Al

    Looks like Roma away kit from season 2020-21 :/

  • Moonslayer#king XD
    Moonslayer#king XD

    When the away kit looks better than the home kit😂😂😂

    • Bolia Fops
      Bolia Fops

      I love holy bro that’s insane

  • Kolo Cocho
    Kolo Cocho

    The best kit we had in many years


    Beautiful kit I love it very much well done Nike x Liverpool fc👍👍👍😊

  • Farid Cya
    Farid Cya


  • JACK The All-Seeing Eye
    JACK The All-Seeing Eye

    Not a fan of this design.....dont like white kits......reminds me of Real. I'm a retired graphic designer...and Id like to know who's designing kits these days. Most all are atrocious....they seem to be ideologues that have forgotten what looks good. Take last seasons bus seat designs...diamond plating. Oh the genius.

  • Lalduh Kima
    Lalduh Kima

    Bale be like - now I can join Liverpool for golf course with new always kit😂